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The First Batch of Refuse-burning Enterprises Made a Public Pledge

Date:2020-01-07 Source:CAEPI Types: Browse:4490

In order to promote the refuse-burning electricity-generating enterprises to practice their "internal skills" and realize the transformation from "asking me to obey the law" to "I want to be law-abiding", and help them enter a new stage of rule of environmental law, the activity for the first batch of enterprises' public pledge that "I Am an Environmental Law-abiding Person" was held in Hangzhou on December 13th, 2019. The activity was directed by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, sponsored by the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI), and attended by Zhai Qing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

The leaders of 13 municipal solid waste incineration and power generation groups (enterprises) went onto the stage one by one and made a solemn pledge that "I Am an Environmental Law-abiding Person, and Anyone Is Welcome to Supervise Me at Any Time".

Vice Minister Zhai Qing pointed out that the enterprises' public law-abiding pledge was a major exploration and practice, and was of great significance in the construction of environmental law system. The law-abiding pledge activity will play a good leading and exemplary role: First, the pledge can restrain the enterprises' environmental protection behaviors and promote the enterprises to improve the level of environmental management. Second, the government regulation-dominated supervision mode can be changed, equal importance will be attached to both government regulation and social supervision, and this may bring the role of social supervision into full play. Third, it can improve the social image of the industry and avoid the NIMBY syndrome. Fourth, it can effectively promote the survival of the fittest and achieve the healthy development of the industry.

Fan Yuansheng, President of CAEPI, said that as an industry organization, CAEPI adhered to the tenet of serving enterprises, the industry, the government and the society. Through the formulation of industry regulations and agreements, the enterprise credit rating, the construction of "environmental protection industry credit platform" and so on, CAEPI will establish the industry self-discipline and service platform, guide enterprises to operate in good faith, promote the healthy development of the industry. After this activity, CAEPI will set up the industry self-discipline service platform, and start a new column to release the name list of the enterprises that made a pledge in batches together with the publicity matrix of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. He called on the refuse-burning electricity-generating enterprises to take active actions, take initiative to make a public law-abiding pledge, accept social supervision, promote the whole industry to consciously obey the law, and propel the green and healthy development of the industry.

This activity was strongly supported by the Zhejiang Environmental Protection Industry Association, the Center for Environmental Education and Communications of Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center of Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the China Environmental Protection Industry Magazine Office and other co-organizers.