Serve Enterprises                                                                                       

●Providing information of technology,equipment,marketing the industry so as to provide  support to the decision-making of enterprises.

●Conducting work such as rating of industrial and corporate credit.

●Organizing cooperation and exchanges events, promoting cooperation of domestic and  foreign enterprises.

●Certifications on Environmental protection products , green products , environmental  services


Serve Industry

●Establishing self-disciplinary mechanism of the industry.

●Undertaking researches on and formulation of relvant standards and norms of the industry,developing and demonstrating advanced technologies,and providing consultation services.

●Vocational education and training, Licensure examination for registration of environmental engineers.

●Issuing China Environmental Protection Industry magazine.


Serve Government

●Involved in the work of formulating laws and regulations, development plans, economic policies and technical policies for promoting eco-civilization construction and environmental protection.

●Organizing survey and collecting statistics of the industry so as to provide support to the decision making of the government.