China International Environmental Protection Exhibition & Conference (CIEPEC)


CAEPI has been holding the China International Environmental Protection Exhibition & Conference (CIEPEC) since 1986 so as to set up an exhibition and exchange platform for domestic and foreign enterprises and provide all-round and in-depth services for them to seek business cooperation and expand the market.



For details, please visit the official website of CIEPEC: www.ciepec.org

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2022 Conference on the Innovative Development of the Environmental Protection Industry(2022 CIDEPI)


In order to promote the high-quality development of environmental protection industry, the Innovation and Development Conference of Environmental Protection Industry is held annually. Representatives of government departments, environmental protection enterprises, scientific research institutions and industry users are invited to attend the conference. We can provide our members with a comprehensive and high-end communication platform.


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Thematic Exchange Activities


Relying on its branches, CAEPI organizes industry experts, practitioners, government representatives and other people from all walks of life to carry out thematic exchange activities on technical progress, business patterns, business operation experience, industry policies and other issues of concern in the industry.


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International Exchange and Cooperation


We carry out exchanges and cooperation with relevant international institutions; hold various forms of activities such as exchanges, seminars and matchmaking activity to expand the international perspective of member enterprises, and help the enterprises to introduce, digest and absorb new environment-related concepts, ideas and technologies in the world; and organize enterprises to participate in exhibitions, international conferences and other exchange activities in foreign countries and learn about the information on industry development and technology level in foreign countries. We serve the Belt and Road Initiative and the "going global" initiative of China, and provide support for domestic enterprises to explore overseas markets.


E-MAIL:intl@caepi.org.cn   hyb@caepi.org.cn (International Department, Membership Department)