Brand Promotion Service


We provide our members with brand promotion service: issuing relevant documents or making recommendations; organizing or attending promotional activities; etc.


E-MAIL: hyb@caepi.org.cn (Membership Department)



Consultation Service


We provide our members with business decision-making consultation, technology and product consultation, legal consultation and other services. We provide enterprises with environmental protection industry policy consultation service, industrial market research service, as well as industrial development planning consultation service.


E-MAIL: hyb@caepi.org.cn (Membership Department) 010-51555022 



Group Standards


We carry out the project approval, formulation, revision and release of group standards to meet the needs of the society; organize the standard committee to research the standardization of the industry; and provide the society with the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry's standards that meet environmental management and market communication needs.


E-MAIL: jsb@caepi.org.cn (Technology Department)




Technology Demonstration and Promotion Service


To promote the technology promotion in the field of environmental protection industry, we collect and promote key practical technologies and demonstration projects for environmental protection in the whole society every year.


E-MAIL: jsb@caepi.org.cn (Technology Department)



Technology Award


To promote technological innovations in the field of environmental protection industry, we collect environment-related technological achievements from the whole society every year, organize authoritative industry experts to decide on awards through discussion, hold award presentation ceremony, carry out media publicity, and promote the award-winning achievements to all sectors of the society.


E-MAIL: jsb@caepi.org.cn (Technology Department)




Technology Identification and Assessment Service


CAEPI organizes well-known experts to assess and draw conclusions on the technological achievements for environmental protection. The scope of identification and assessment involves the technological achievements with certain advanced nature and practical value for environmental pollution prevention and control and ecological environmental protection, including environmental protection products, technologies, equipment, materials, systems, etc. In addition, we can carry out technical feasibility demonstration and other advisory services.


E-MAIL: jsb@caepi.org.cn (Technology Department)



Certification Service


We provide the China Certification for Environmental Products (CCEP), the Certification of Environmental Services (CES), the Green Star certification, as well as the China Environmental Labelling certification.


E-MAIL: ccaepi-fw@caepi.org.cn (Certification Center)